Is Ārahi really non-alcoholic?

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     Jo-Anne Short

    Yes, you can rest assured Ārahi is a non-alcoholic drink.

    Ārahi is not only tested during production but is also tested by an independent New Zealand laboratory.

    While Ārahi is made from the same grapes as award-winning New Zealand wines, the grape is just a normal fruit and its juice is non-alcoholic, just like any other fruit ie. apples, oranges, mango.

    The alcohol is created through fermentation and Arahi juice is not fermented but is instead stabilised capturing the fresh, healthy benefits of the fruit.

    Let us address the elephant in the room – Ārahi was not created to replace wine or to preach against alcohol. New Zealand is a country with freedom of speech and action, so each person will make their own decision about such matters, for some this is alcohol consumption and for others, it is not.

    For whatever reason, you are not consuming alcohol you deserve something sophisticated to drink served in beautiful glassware and enjoy relaxed social inclusion. Ārahi is a choice you have and we are honoured to be able to share it with you. From our family to yours.

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