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Super-premium grade New Zealand grapes transformed into a non-drinkers paradise.   Social inclusion and beautiful stemware.

Arahi_vineyardNew Zealand has a welcoming and social culture that loves getting together to make people feel special, feel like they belong. In a similar spirit, Ārahi offers a beverage range made to deliver outstanding social experiences and a sense of togetherness when you are not drinking alcohol.

Our clean, green spaces spoil us with the finest of fresh produce and we are known for world-class food production and innovation. At Ārahi we hand-pick select parcels of super-premium wine grapes and together with award-winning winemakers craft the cold-pressed juice into elegant and complex beverages.

Sitting back and savouring a fine drink from a beautiful glass is one of life’s true pleasures, but outside of alcoholic drinks, this has been a rare experience. Well, that’s what David found when he met Ārahi co-founder Jo-Anne. You see, Jo-Anne doesn’t drink alcohol, never has.

“After socialising with Jo-Anne on an alcohol-free basis it became clear to me that non-drinkers were offered a second rate experience compared to the premium sophistication available to alcohol drinkers.”

“Right down to the standard of glassware your drinks are served in. Everything was one dimensional and seemed to be offered as an afterthought…actually with very little thought at all in most instances. The truth is you are likely to not be drinking because you are doing something really positive – pregnancy, health, cutting back, keeping a clear head, following religious guidance, training or being the sober driver who will be getting everyone home safely. Non-drinkers should be treated with thought and respect like everyone else: fine glass, special drink, a great night out.”

Drawing from his culinary background David decided he would create a solution and make engaging drinks for Jo-Anne and he to share and enjoy. So he began crafting drinks at home, beverages with a depth of flavour that deserved to be served in a fine glass. These became so popular they headed off to Hawke’s Bay to source the finest of fruit, recruit world-class commercial expertise and embark on sharing the Ārahi solution with the world.

David, Jo-Anne and the Ārahi team are proud to offer this range of drinks to those who appreciate a gourmet experience and like to embrace the magic of the social occasion.

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